BluSense core technology is the combination of cutting-edge micro- and nanotechnologies developed by the company’s founders during research projects run in Denmark, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Taiwan.

             The technological team’s expertise is published in more than 50 international peer-reviewed scientific papers, covering magnetic nanotechnology, opto-electronic readout, and centrifugal microfluidics. The result is an elegantly efficient technology which integrates advanced nano-engineering techniques with off-the-shelf electronics components.

             The core patented immunoassay format allows a very accurate and quantitative biomarker detection in a simple homogeneous format: magnetic nanoparticles are coated to form sandwich agglutination in presence of the target analyte forming anisotropic nano-clusters. A magnetic field is then used to force nano-clusters rotation, causing a temporal scattering cross-section variation which is optically measured using a low-cost/high-tech Blu-ray unit. The same specificity and sensitivity of ELISA based tests can be achieved in a few minutes thanks to a specifically designed homogenus assay format. 

             The sample-processing system is implemented in inexpensive polymer cartridges functioning via centrifugal microfluidics design, which allows to perform all the fluid manipulation steps without the need of external pumps or any user sample-preparation.